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Rally Day Happenings! Fall 2021 and Upcoming Harvest Festival!

It's been awhile since.....well a lot of things have been going on here at church! But, we are actually meeting together, having fellowship, and planning for the HARVEST of Antiques and Crafts! I know - hard to believe we got through 2020 and can have this event. We are still dealing with stuff, but glad God has blessed us with these opportunities to gather in love and friendship for the good of Him!

Here are some of the fun things we did at the Rally Day and Pizza Party! Thanks to all who made it happen - from donations, pizza makers (Straniero's was yummy!), hanging the pinatas, and bringing your family and children! Also thanks to Kathy and Loren Standen for being teachers for those awesome children at BUMC! Each of us has a unique set of gifts and talents to share.

Coming up we have the 2021 Harvest of Antiques and Crafts. We are still accepting vendors and you can check out our website at for more information on that and how to become one or just information on the event itself. We hope you can attend one way or the other. It is being held on a different weekend this year than the Vermilion Woollybear Festival, so we are hoping this allows more of you to be able to attend. : )

Until next time.... Have a blessed week!


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